Ultimately it doesn’t matter that I’m stupid what really bothers me is how slow tumblr is

Not very smart

Well my genius girlfriend, the empress doesn’t want me to leave tumblr. She says I should complain/talk about myself so I guess I will.

I am not smart. I don’t have a mental problem or anything like that but I’m just not smart. It takes me longer to do things and learn things. So I try to give myself more time. I try to prepAre more. That doesn’t always work out.

I’m falling this english class. Again. For like the third time. I don’t understand it. Reading takes extra long for me. Atleast I think it does. I don’t know how fast other people read.

I don’t think I can even read fat enough to keep up with this class. I have to read like 43 pages and do a quiz on it. Which is probably only a moderate challenge for most people but I feel like I’m taking an exam. I’m just not smart. And it’s bothering me.

Everybody wants/expects me to finish college but I just don’t think I’m smart enough


Almost a thousand people in West Africa die from ebola and nobody bats an eyelash, yet 2 white people in the US contract it and miraculously a cure is released and given to them because they’re an “extreme circumstance.” Satire is dead and real life is a dystopian hellscape

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maybe I could use my sketchbook to complain.

i dont really want to be on tumblr anymore but I dont know where I would complain now.


did she get kicked out of her house after this

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A white civilian plowed his car through a group of peaceful protestors. When police responded they arrested a victim of the assault and not immediately the assaulter. Eventually the assaulter was arrested, but so were two other protestors. It took over 2 hours for the young boy to be transported to the hospital.

Wheres the justice?

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A Brazilian man recently submitted a birth certificate that if verified would mean he is 126-years-old.

According to the document, Jose Aguinelo dos Santos, was born on July 7, 1888 to African slave parents.

Once verified he will be the oldest man on the planet.  

But slavery was so long ago…..



This is a huge eye opener!