today was pretty great, but i am still awake and thats bad. 

everytime i leave my English class I feel stupider. I should be praying

i think i may have upset koty. I was trying to explain to John why my Empress doesn’t like him, cuz he obviously recognized that something was wrong. John understood after I explained. bla bla bla. but i think i insulted one of Koty’s favorite presidents. so maybe he likes me a lil less, and maybe he likes my empress a lil less too. Oh well. 

Its funny 


"Wage Peace." That’s a fairly popular bumper sticker around our neck of the woods. It’s the grown up version of the old Hippie song, "All we are saying is give peace a chance." Deep in our hearts we know there is a tremendous difference between being a peace lover and a peace maker. Peace lovers like the calm and security and illusion of "giving peace a chance." But peace has no chance unless it is waged! Peace is not a state that results because of a lack of wars; peace is the result of work, character, and sacrifice of those who are peacemakers. They wage peace. They take risks; they forgive wrongs; and they compromise on personal demands without sacrificing personal integrity. They are willing to pay the price to make and preserve the peace with integrity. No wonder God calls such people his children; they’re doing what is most like him!

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